ENVI-met Applications Homepage

There is no 'big' central application doing all the work - ENVI-met is a collection of several stand-alone applications for different stages and tasks of the work flow. On this page you find the overview over the applications belonging to the ENVI-met system. Follow the links to the individual homepages to learn more about the apps.

Main Applications and Modules

The central applications (including the core model itself) where you will spent a lot of time

Headquarter The quick access to all applications and the cockpit for running your simulations.

ENVI-met Core This is the central calculation module, the “ENVI-met Model” itself.

Monde Digitize your model environment.

Spaces Bringing your designs and environments into the computer. Transform your plans and ideas into Area Input Files

Leonardo Analyse your model results and create 2D and 3D maps.

BIO-met A post processing tool for ENVI-met output files to calculate dynamic and static Thermal Comfort (dPET, PET, UTCI etc)

System and Helper Applications

These are the “smaller” applications - but never the less very important for your simulation work

DBManager With the Database Manager you can edit, add or modify all kind of materials, soils or other physical settings used in ENVI-met.

Albero Green your world! With Albero, you can design functional 3D and QSM vegetation ready to run in your ENVI-met model

ENVIGuide Create new simulations files (.SIMX) or edit existing ones on an interactive basis.

Forcing Manager Import and analyse weather data and generate input files for full forcing

Manage Workspaces and Projects Organize your ENVI-met system into Workspaces and projects and define the individual settings for your simulation projects.

QGIS Plugin Plugin for the free and open source geographic information system QGIS to generate ENVI-met Area Input files (INX) from geodata.

This section deals with the DataStudio module to analyse and visiualize data and to control your application.
DataStudio is in BETA phase for the moment beeing.

DataStudio The Python inferface and programming module embedded into the different ENVI-met applications.

Python for ENVI-met General overview over the different settings and usage of Python with ENVI-met.

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